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Passive Class Pensions

The personnel included in the State Pensions System:

  • Career civil servants and those in their probationary period at the General State Administration, the Justice Administration, the Parliament Administration, at other constitutional or state agencies that so provide, and civil servants transferred to the Regional Governments.  
  • Career members of the military, of the reserves, of the professional armed forces and navy, and the Cadets, Students, and Applicants of the Military Schools and Academies.
  • Ex-Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Ministers of the Government of the Nation and other positions.

Upon their retirement, or at the time of their death or when they are declared dead, they or their family members shall be entitled to benefits solely of an economic nature, which will be paid periodically and established as retirement pensions, widow/widower's pensions, orphan's pensions, and pensions for parents .

The pensions shall be ordinary or extraordinary, depending on whether their originating event occurred under ordinary circumstances or due to injury, death, or disappearance while on or as a result of active duty.

Extraordinary pensions as a result of an act of terrorism shall be those that are granted to personnel included in the State Pensions System or its pensioners who are victims of an event of that nature.

Exceptional pensions are State Pension benefits recognized by law for a specific person or persons.