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Personal income tax witholdings

Pensions whose amount surpasses the legally established annual amount are subject to taxation in the terms established in the regulations governing Personal Income Tax and subject, as the case may be, to the general system of withholdings on account of the tax, with the following exceptions:

  • Pensions derived from acts of terrorism.
  • Aid of any kind received by people affected by the human immunodeficiency virus, regulated in the Royal Decree-Law 9/1993, of 28 May.
  • Pensions in favour of people who suffered lesions or incapacity as a result of the Civil War (1936/1939), be it through the State Passive Class System or by the Special Legislation issued for this purpose
  • Pensions for permanent incapacity or disability of the Passive Class System, provided that the lesion or disease had caused the total disability of the receiver of the pension for any profession or trade.
  • Orphanhood pensions
  • Compensation for prison terms as a consequence of the cases specified in Law 46/1977, of 15 October, on Amnesty..

For Personal Income Tax purposes, Pensioners who have a recognised retirement pension due to incapacity or unfitness for service are considered to be affected by a disability equal to or greater than 33%, without the need to accredit the recognised degree with a certificate issued by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (IMSERSO) or the competent body of the Autonomous Communities.

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