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General aspects

The header identifies the State Secretariat for Social Security and Pensions of the Ministry of Inclusion, Migrations and Social Security.

This area also controls access to the versions of the portal in the different official State languages, in addition to English. There is also a Search bar to search the contents of the page in the specific language.

The new content of each of the main channels is shown on the right

At the foot of the page, the complementary menu area offers information regarding the guide to site navigation, the legal notice, accessibility, and the degree of compliance with certain Internet standards.

How to know where you are?

In the header, in the upper contents part of the browsing pages, you can see the channel, subchannel and title of the page in which we are.

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We can also move around the website using the Map button located in the header of each webpage.

How to change language?

The Budget Administration's portal has a large part of its contents in a multi-language version. You may access the website in the co-official languages of Spain (Spanish, Catalan/Valencian, Galician and Basque) and in English. The menu that enables you to select languages is on the upper right-hand side of the header of the portal's home page and main channels.

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To view the version of the portal in a language other than Spanish (default language), you will have to select the word “welcome” in the language corresponding to the desired multi-language version.

Printing contents

To print the content of any page, click on the icon or link

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Web accessible to disabled people and other browsing devices

The Budget Administration's portal is accessible according to WAI (AA) WAG 2.0 standards.

Technical recommendations and programs required to download information published on the portal

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  • It may also be accessed from PDAs or mobile telephones equipped with Opera Mini 4.2 or above or with the latest IE version included in Windows Mobile 6.5 or above. Given the diversity of operating systems, correct browsing cannot be guaranteed from all.
  • The pages are developed for an optimum screen resolution of 1024x768 and a browser configured with a maximum of three levels of toolbars.
  • Contents are also provided according to the RSS 2.0 standard. The RSS service requires installing a programme known as feed reader or aggregator or an Internet browser that supports this standard.