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Digital Social Card

The Digital Social Card is an information system created by additional provision 141 of Law 6/2018 of 3 July on the General State Budgets of 2018, aimed at improving and coordinating the social protection policies promoted by the different public authorities.

This information system includes the public social benefits received by citizens managed by the General State Administration, Autonomous Communities, local authorities and other entities.

Through this system, it is possible to view information on all of the social benefits or financial assistance available to people or families that are applicable to the interested party.

The Directorate General for Social Security Organisation is one of the bodies that electronically provides information to the Digital Social Card.Consequently, information relating to the Civil Service Pension Scheme is included in this system.

Among the options offered by the Digital Social Card is the possibility of obtaining a document that allows you to prove your status as a State Pensioner.

You can download the app on your mobile device through “Google Play” or through the “App Store” and install the TARJETA SOCIAL DIGITAL (DIGITAL SOCIAL CARD) application.

Tarjeta Social Universal

In order to enter, the application asks the user for their ID number and PIN generated by the Cl@ve system. If you are not registered, go to: www.clave.gob.es

Once inside the TARJETA SOCIAL DIGITAL (DIGITAL SOCIAL CARD) app, you can generate a document, the TSD, which lists the benefits of which you are a beneficiary, which you can download to your mobile device and carry with you at all times to easily prove your status as a pensioner.