Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones. Secretaría de Estado de la Seguridad Social y Pensiones - Dirección General de Ordenación de la Seguridad Social
Administración Presupuestaria

Processing and payment

Proposals for the payment of civil service pensions and other social benefits are made by the General Directorate of Social Security Organisation


The maximum retroactivity of the economic effects of the recognition of benefits from the State Pension System, as well as from the special legislation related to the Civil War, is three months, to be counted from the first day of the month after the request was submitted.

However, the statute of limitations for returning any unduly received benefits shall be four years.


The payment of Public Passive Class pensions and benefits is only settled by transfer to a current account or savings account specified by the pensioner and that is in his/her name, is individual or joint, at a Financial Institution based in Spain or abroad, depending on the pensioner’s place of residence.:

However, Passive Class benefits applied for prior to 1 April 2010 that were received by way of a Chartered Accountant, may still be collected by this method. In these cases, chartered accountants are obliged to pay the pensioner the full amount of the Passive Class pension or benefits that have been deposited by the Administration, with no discounts being made for commissions, handling of fees or taxes stemming from their professional intervention. The pensioner must pay the Chartered Account the amounts corresponding to these items once the amounts are known, as agreed between both parties.


Passive Class pensions are paid per month lapsed in 14 payments: 12 regular payments plus 2 extra payments.

  • Regular payments are paid in full, including the payment corresponding to the month in which cessation of the right occurs.
  • Extraordinary payments are made on the first day in June and December, being paid in conjunction with the monthly payments for these months. Their amount is the same as regular payments, except in the following cases:

- First extra payment as of the date of the pension’s economic effects or from the time of its reinstatement: a sixth for each month between this first day of initial effects, or of reinstatement of the pension, and the following 31 May or 30 November, as appropriate.

- Last extra payment due to death of the pensioner or loss of the right to the pension: paid from the first day of the month in which death occurs, or the loss of the right, being paid jointly with the last monthly payment of the pension, as income accrued and not received to the deceased's heirs under civil law, or to the pensioner him/herself, as a sixth of each of the months between the day the payment is paid and the previous 31 May or the 30 November.


Pensioners residing abroad shall provide proof of their residence, for the purpose of continuing to receive the pension they have been awarded, by means of the corresponding certificate from the consular civil registrar.

The original proof of residence must be submitted in the first quarter of the year. Once the aforementioned period has elapsed without this document being received, the pension will be cancelled with effect from 31 March of that year.