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Administración Presupuestaria

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The Directorate General for Social Security Organisation offers civil servants covered by the State Civil Service Pension Scheme the possibility of obtaining information on the approximate amount of their future pension up to one year before their expected retirement date.

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Appointment request

If you are a civil servant of the State Civil Services Pension Scheme and plan to retire within a year, the Civil Services Unit of the Economy and Finance Office offers you the possibility of discovering the approximate amount of your future pension.

To access this service, which is provided in person, you must submit the following documentation:

  • ID Card
  • Certification of service issued by your HR department. (CS)
  • Employment history record if other social security contributions have been paid.

Once you have the required documentation, you may make an appointment. Please do not make an appointment without first obtaining the documentation because we will be unable to help you.

You can make an appointment request:

  • Electronically, if your office allows it.
  • Going to the Economy and Finance Office, if it provides such service.
  • Calling the Centre's phone number.
  • By email, including your personal details, contact telephone number and place of residence.

The following table shows the addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of each office, as well as a link to the electronic request for an appointment in those offices that allow it.