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Granting of retirement pensions to civil servants belonging to the Civil Servants Pension Scheme

Código SIA185380
DenominaciónGranting of retirement pensions to civil servants belonging to the Civil Servants Pension Scheme
Tipo de ProcedimientoBenefits
Materia state pensions
Objeto Recognition of pensions of civil servants who reach the age of compulsory retirement, of those who apply for retirement on a voluntary basis and of those who are permanently unable to exercise the duties required by their office or range once they have been granted retirement by the relevant personnel body. Recognition of pensions of those who have lost their civil servant status as provided for in the tenth additional provision of the revised Law on State Pensioners.
Órgano ResponsableGeneral Directorate of Social Security Organisation
Forma Inicio Applicant and Communications
Lugar de PresentaciónRegisters of the Sub-Directorate General of Civil Service Management, of the Economy and Finance Delegations, and any others contemplated in article 16 of Law 39/2015, of the 1st of October, on Common Administrative Procedures for State Administrative Bodies
Fases del ProcedimientoAs a first step towards the granting of a pension, the civil servant’s retirement must have been accepted by the competent body in a procedure that is specific to each type of retirement.
Plazo de Resolución3 Month(s)
Órganos de Resolución
  • General Directorate of Social Security Organisation
Fin VíaNo
  • Optional appeal for reconsideration prior to applying for a judicial review, to be submitted within 1 month to the Directorate General of Social Security Organisation.
  • Contentious-administrative appeals to the High Court of Justice in Madrid within two months following the date of notification.
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