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DGCP web publications

To use the DGCP web publications service it is necessary to be registered as a user of it. To do this, it is necessary to fill in the corresponding electronic form, available on the Budget Administration website (Virtual Office) in the "Systems access application" (Access management for Budget Administration information systems) section

If you are not an employee of national, regional or local government and you wish to access this service as a member of the public, you need to select "Citizen" under "Type of Centre" and "Centre" in your request. Later, when the request for personal data screen appears, you should also select "Citizen" under the items "Job Title" and "Unit" and, in the items relating to line manager, you should insert your own personal details.

If you are already registered as a user you can access this service by entering your credentials via the following access to DGCP web publications. Identification is carried out using the electronic identity card or electronic certificate of the kind accepted by the Budget Administration’s information systems and services: list of certification service providers.

The information that can be accessed using this service is as follows: