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Administración Presupuestaria

Compatibilities and incompatibilities for receiving the aid


In accordance with article 5 of Law 35/1995 and this assistance may be received along with the public pensions the beneficiaries receive. Additionally, beneficiaries may have the right to simultaneously receive:

  • Aid for Temporary disability and Permanent disability.
  • Aid in expenses for therapeutic treatment in offences  against sexual freedom and aid for Temporary and/or permanent disability.


However, the aforementioned article 5 of Law 35/1995 and article 19 of its Implementing Regulation establish that beneficiaries who receive this assistance may not also receive:

  • Compensation for damages caused by the offence established by means of a legal sentence. If due to partial insolvency of the offender, only part of the compensation established in the sentence were received, the aid may be paid totally or partially, without exceeding the amount established in the legal solution, following calculation of the part of the compensation received.
  • Compensation and economic aid of private insurances: If the sentence established an amount above the amount received through the insurance, the aid will be paid partially or totally with the maximum limit of the account indicated in the sentence.
  • Aid for temporary disability with the subsidy corresponding to this situation in a Social Security public system.
  • The reimbursement for damages to the victims of armed groups and terrorist elements  which are recognised pursuant to the specific legislation.