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Administración Presupuestaria

Provisional aids

The Law provides for the award of provisional aid, given the precarious situation of the victim of the crime, regardless of the fact that, as a general rule, the aid is conditional on there being a final legal resolution that ends the criminal proceedings

Provisional aids may be recognised - before the issue of a legal sentence ending the penal proceedings -, provided that the precarious economic situation of the victim or beneficiaries can be substantiated. This precariousness is understood to exist when no annual income above the minimum interprofessional salary is received.

In cases where the victim of the crime is considered a victim of gender-based violence, in the terms set out in article 23 of Organic Law 1/2004, provisional aid may be awarded regardless of the economic situation of the victim or their beneficiaries.

The amount of the provisional aid may not surpass 80 per cent of the maximum amount of the corresponding definitive, except in the aid for funeral and therapeutic treatment expenses, where such a limit will not be applied.