Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones. Secretaría de Estado de la Seguridad Social y Pensiones - Dirección General de Ordenación de la Seguridad Social
Administración Presupuestaria


The beneficiaries of advances from the Fund are:

  • Minors (and adults with a degree of disability of 65% or greater) from Spain or nationals of a European Member State residing in Spain, legally entitled to alimony which is unpaid.
  • Non-European foreign minors who, being legally entitled to alimony which is unpaid, meet the following requirements:
    • Reside legally in Spain for at least five years, two of which must be immediately before the date of the application for the advance. For minors under the age of five years these periods of residence will be required of the legal guardian. Nevertheless, if the legal guardian is Spanish, it will suffice that the minor be living in Spain when the advance is applied for, without there being any need to substantiate a prior period of residence.
    • Be nationals of another State which, pursuant to international treaties or agreements or by virtue of tacit or express reciprocity, recognises similar advances to the Spanish advances in their own territory.