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Disabled Civilians

  • Decreto 670/1976, de 5 de marzo, por el que se regulan pensiones a favor de los españoles que habiendo sufrido mutilación a causa de la pasada contienda no puedan integrarse en el Cuerpo de Caballeros Mutilados de Guerra por la Patria (B.O.E. 7/4/1976)
  • Ley 6/1982, de 29 de marzo, de pensiones a los mutilados civiles de guerra (B.O.E. 3/4/1982)

1.-Causing subjects

Spaniards of any gender and age in whom the following circumstances concur:

  • Having suffered wounds as a direct or indirect result of war actions occurred on Spanish territory between 18 July 1936 and 1 April 1939.
  • Suffering, as a result of these wounds, a reduction in their physical or psychic capacity to a minimum degree of 26 per cent -according to the lesion assessment table established in Decree 670/1976, of 5 March-.
  • Not belonging to the Benemérito Cuerpo de Caballeros Mutilados de Guerra por la Patria.

To be entitled to the rights regulated by Law 6/1982 -basic compensation and pensions in favour of relatives- the injuries of the disabled veterans covered by Decree 670/1976 should reach a degree of disability of at least 45 points -according to the chart of injuries and diseases in force for the application of Law 35/1980 of 26 June-.

2.- Beneficiaries

  • Of Decree 670/1976:only the causing subjects
  • Of Law 6/1982: the deceased themselves and their widowed spouses, ex-spouses or unmarried partners and, failing that, orphans under 21 years of age or older, incapacitated for any work from before reaching that age or from the date of death of the deceased, provided that they meet the requirements established in the Civil Service legislation applicable in each case.

3.- Amount of the pensions

DECREE 670/1976.

  • Pension for Physical Disability: it is the result of applying the percentage corresponding to the recognised degree of disability to the regulatory base established annually in the General State Budget Laws.

In 2023, the amount of the regulatory base is 7,199.33 € per year (12 monthly payments) or 593.27€ a month, resulting in the following amounts of mutilation Pensions, according to the degree of disability acknowledged:

primer gradosegundo gradotercer gradocuarto grado
148.32 €/mes 296.64 €/mes 444.95 €/mes 593.27 €/mes

LAW 6/1982.

Causing subjects:

  • Pension for Mutilation: it will be that which is established in Decree 670/1976 and corresponds to the amounts indicated in the preceding section
  • Basic Compensation: since 1-1-1991 the causing subjects are entitled to 100 per cent 100 of the basic compensation, established annually in the General State Budget Laws and which for 2023 is 11,217.90€ a year (12 monthly payments) or 934.82 € a month.

In favour of relatives:

  • Since 1-1-1996, the General State Budgets Laws have established, as the amount of these pensions, the same amount as the minimum Social Security widowhood pension for holders aged above 65 years, which for the year 2023 is set at 783.10 €/month.