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Relatives of Deceased Persons

  • Law 5/1979, of 18 September, on the recognition of pensions, medical/pharmaceutical care and social care for the relatives of those who have died as a result of the civil war (Official State Gazette 28/9/1979) 

1.- Causing subjects

Those who died, are declared dead or disappeared during or after the Civil War, provided that a relationship of personal and direct causality between the Civil War and the death of the causing subject may be established, as well as whose causing pension due to death in war events before 1936.

2.- Beneficiaries

The widowed spouse and, failing that, orphans under 21 years of age or older, incapacitated for any work from before reaching that age or from the date of death of the deceased, and the parents of the deceased, provided that they meet the requirements established in the Civil Service legislation applicable in each case.

3.-Amount of the pensions

A) If the causing subject were a professional of the Armed Forces and Public Order.

The pensions of widowhood, of orphanhood for disabled children and in favour of parents, are 200 per cent of the regulatory base that would correspond to the causing subject, in accordance with the rank and years of service accredited at the time of death.

The orphanhood pension in favour of non-disabled adults is 100 per cent of the regulatory base described in the preceding section.

B) If the causing subject was not a professional of the Armed Forces and Public Order:

Since 1-1-1996, the General State Budgets Laws have established, as the amount of these pensions, the same amount as the minimum Social Security widowhood pension for holders aged above 65 years. In 2023 it is 783.10 €/month.

As of 1-1-2008, orphan pensions of non-disabled orphans (which had not been updated since 1981) are adjusted by the same percentage as the rest of the public pensions. In 2023, they amount to 183.83 €/month.