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Pension Contributions

Civil servants included in the State Civil Service Pension Scheme are subject to the payment of pension fund contributions, the amount of which is determined by applying the percentage rate of 3.86 percent to the regulatory body that corresponds to the civil servant's body, scale, position, job or category, and the amount of which is included in the budget law.

Civil servant pension contributions are made in fourteen monthly payments which are double in June and December, for the sums indicated in the following table:

Grupo/Subgrupo EBED Cuota mensual en euros
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
A1109,31109,59109,86110,14111,90111,90111,90112,91115,17 118,04
E (Ley 30/1984) y Agrupaciones Profesionales (EBEP)44,5744,6844,7944,9045,6245,6245,6246,0346,95 48,13

The contribution amount is withheld in each salary payment made to the civil servant by his/her payroll office, which pays it to the Public Treasury.

However, when for any reason it is not possible to deduct the contribution from the payroll – as may be the case in some special service situations – the civil servant must pay the amounts corresponding to the contributions they earn usingform 061, approved by Order PRE/1064/2016, of 29 June (BOE 2-7-2016), which can be obtained at the electronic office of the General Comptroller of the State Administration by accessing the‘Pensions Contributions. Form 061’ service or at the offices of Economy and Finance (not to be confused with the State Tax Administration Agency offices and departments) detailing the amount for each financial year.