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Calculation of Pensions

a) If the interested party does not reach the entitlement to a pension (for not fulfilling the period without coverage) with the periods of service, and as the case may be the contributions accredited in Spain, but would reach it by adding the contributions accredited in other states, "the corresponding "Prorrata-Temporis pension"will be indicated.

This pension is calculated by determining, first of all, the so-called "Theoretical pension", resulting from considering hypothetically that both the periods covered in Spain and in other States were fulfilled pursuant to the Spanish Legislation. The "Theoretical Pension" is then prorated according to the ratio between the number of days covered in Spain and the total number of days of insurance (inside and outside Spain).

                Pension Prorate = Theoretical Pension  x  [ No. days Spain / Total days ]

b) If the interested party is entitled to an internal pension in Spaineven without considering periods of insurance in other states, two calculations should be made:

  • 1. Calculation of the internal or national pension applying the Spanish legislation and considering exclusively the periods accredited in Spain.
  • 2. Calculation of the prorrata-temporis pension in accordance with the indications of the previous number.

Once these operations have been made they are compared and the interested party is offered the right to the pension of the greatest amount, be it the internal or the prorated pension. Both are compatible with the receipt of the pensions indicated - or which may be indicated in the future - by the competent institutions of the other states.